About Us

About Us

So you're either in the process of deciding which setting is right for you and your child or you are wanting to find out a little bit more about us! 

Our primary aim is to tap into inquisitive, inquiring minds and nurture happy, confident children who are interested in all they see, hear and do.

A Fun and Safe Environment

At Hopscotch Nursery Bath we offer a large, spacious and free flow room with a large range of toys and fun activities most which the children are able to access themselves, giving them freedom of choice.

Outside we offer an enclosed, safe and fun garden with various areas ranging from an exciting den area to a sheltered quiet corner, where children can flick through their favourite books or take part in an adult-led activity.

Hopscotch also has an allotment situated near Bloomfield Road. When the weather is nice the children visit here most afternoons to take part in planting and harvesting their own fruits and vegetables.

We also offer a large car park, which is situated off the main road (Wellsway, Bath, BA2 4SD) and is completely secure with one entrance. Although this may be a small consideration, the peace of mind it delivers is huge and for those who have more than one child to get in and out of vehicles, you can take all the time you need!